The Catwalk Bar and Grill

Blueberries in the beer? Sure, why not? Mr. Draft ordered a Sea Dog Blueberry Ale and was surprised to see a couple of dozen actual berries added to his mug. (On a side note: evidentially, some blueberries are sinkers, and some are floaters, much like...oh, never mind). While it added nothing to the taste, it added fiber, vitamin C and anti-oxidants making it the healthiest brew Mr. Draft has had since his college days, when inspired by a scene from one of the Rocky movies, he'd gulp down a raw egg in his Pabst. The Sea Dog was a vast improvement in taste (and texture.) The Catwalk is a vibrant, sexy, and trendy bar on lower Union Street, populated by vibrant, sexy and trendy patrons, such as the Barflies. Three lovely barmaids tended the bar, and one in particular took on the challenge of Mr. Mix' esoteric cocktail requests, including the Pink Pussy. The Pink Pussy was recommended by the barmaid across the street- at FINS- and the Catwalk's more-than-capable barmaid was able to produce it, while suggesting other concoctions. She may have been the most knowledgeable bartender as to the subject of mixology that the assembled Barflies have yet come across. However, when she found out that the Pink Pussy was recommended by her across-the street competitor, she referred to her as "the dirty girl"...which was just a little catty...and kinda hot. The Catwalk was rather busy for a midweek night and the patrons very friendly, particularly two regulars, who referred to themselves as Bert and Ernie (Mr. Draft suspects these were aliases). Bert and Ernie told jokes, made drink suggestions, and recommended a number of other drinking establishments within the greater New Bedford area. In the summer, the Catwalk opens up a rooftop bar that overlooks the harbor and the town of Fairhaven, perfect for vibrant, sexy and trendy the Barflies. For its' plump draft selection, for its' cute and smart barmaids, for its' atmosphere of gregariousness and good humor, the Catwalk rates a vibrant, sexy and trendy 9. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft, Mr. Mix, Mr. Merlot, Mr. Light Weight)

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Burt said...

You are correct in assuming that that is an alias!

Love the site!