The New Wave

Located under the Route 195 overpass in the Hicks-Logan district, the New Wave is a small, nondescript cinder block building with graffiti on the exterior walls. Hicks-Logan is a tough neighborhood struck by poverty and crime and rumored to be a possible site for the casino, long rumored to be coming to New Bedford. But it ain't a neighborhood bar. The New Wave often has entertainment, ranging from heavy metal to rap to stand-up comedy. Even karaoke. On the night of the Barflies' visit, it was quiet when we arrived--- just two customers nursing beers at the end of the bar. A dog was asleep on the stage. A barrel-bellied, no-nonsense guy who looked like he belonged on the set of The Sopranos kept an eye on things. The draft selection was limited but a few good ones were available, including the Newcastle that Mr. Draft ordered. The barmaid, a buxom brunette bit of eye candy named Kathleen, was friendly and quite talkative. Someone (Mr. Draft won't reveal who...) noted her thong strap rising above her low-slung jeans and she almost instantaneously became our favorite barmaid. Mr. Mix asked for "a sweet drink," but let Kathleen select and she served him...yes...wait for it...a Pink Pussy. Mr. Mix claimed to like it better than the one he'd had at the Catwalk several weeks ago, but that could've been the thong talking. The New Wave is a gritty, fun, no-frills place, much like the bars Mr. Draft used to hang out in Providence, back in his college days, when he was wave. This bar would've received a 6, but the thong bumped it up to a 7. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft, Mr. Mix, Mr. Merlot)

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