The Pub

The Pub? Is that the best they could do? Were all the good names taken? Anyway, The Pub is a bit of a rundown, rough-and-tumble bar in a bit of a rundown, rough-and tumble area. But that said, the Pub, located on the corner of North Front and Tallman Streets, is not without its' charms, the most noticeable of which is a brassy, buxom, brunette barmaid named Nikki. Wearing a ring made from a dollar bill on one of her fingers, she welcomed in the Barflies with flirtatious enthusiasm and a warm smile. The Pub is a somewhat dingy place, the walls stained yellow with the nicotine of thousands of cigarettes, but it is a comfortable place, true to itself. A few handwritten signs, posted in English and Portuguese, warn patrons not to smoke, and to pay when served. (Indeed, good advice for all!) The beers available on tap included the predictable- Bud and Miller- and the rarely seen- Old Milwaukee. Mr. Draft drank the Old Milwaukee, which had not much improved since his college days, when it was referred to as a "Squawker". The wine selection was very limited...Lancer's was offered by Nikki, as the wine- on-tap selections were obsolete. The Pub offered many of the usual barroom amenities, including a pool table, Foosball, a lottery ticket vendor, and an ancient change machine. Nikki told the Barflies about the deejay-centric entertainment provided on Friday and Saturday nights, and advised us to just ignore the idiots that sometimes gather on the corner, outside the door. (More good advice!) Ultimately, The Pub is- and will likely long remain- a tired and yellowed neighborhood joint- only worthy of a rating of 4. But, that cheerful and positive Nikki elevates it to a 5. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft, Mr. Cork, Mr. Merlot, Mr. Mix, Mr. Martini)

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Mr. Martini said...

Exellent summary Mr. Draft. I just want to add that I very much enjoyed the nostalgic experience of ordering a "Gansett." It was perfect for The Pub's environment. It wasn't in draft form, or a can but it made me think of our old friend Arthur Lopes. cheers!