The Roasted Pig

There are some excellent restaurants in New Bedford. And there are some outstanding bars. But rarely do the two co-exist within the same frame. As a case in point, the newly opened Roasted Pig, located on the corner of Nash Road and Madeira Avenue, specializes in (surprise!) roasted suckling pig (leitao assado), and offers Madeirean cuisine featuring duck, sausage, goat, and lamb. The Barflies sampled some excellent dishes at the bar, included some delicate calamari, and a linguica that dramatically arrived engulfed in flame. The evening's barmaid, a very cute and animated young woman named Julie, tended to the Barflies' eating and drinking needs with professional efficiency and a charming smile. But a charming smile cannot overcome the lack of any draft beers. If a draft selection doesn't exactly define a bar, it certainly contributes a vital factor. Mr. Draft certainly enjoys a good martini or Manhattan, but considers the presence of beer-on-tap somewhat important to the success of a bar, (hence the moniker!) The Roasted Pig is a bit too bright to get comfortably ensconced at the bar. The Barflies certainly welcome the Pig as a new star in the constellation of North End fine dining establishments, and if the Barflies were doing restaurant reviews, it would, no doubt, be highly praised. But as a bar, the Roasted Pig is a good place to eat. It gets a 7. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft. Mr Mix, Mr. Merlot, Mr. Cork, Mr, Martini)

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Mr. Martini said...

We really had a fine time at the Pig. Check with Mr. Mixed for some photos of that dramatic flaming linguica.