No Problemo

After a dry summer hiatus, the Barflies have reconvened, and the membership has grown. The usuals suspects have returned, for the most part...Mr. Cork, Mr. Merlot, Mr. Mix, Mr. Sazurac, Mr. 3BOES, Mr. Elixer , and Mr. Draft, the primary contributor to this blog. Mr. Greyhound is MIA, perhaps in a blue funk about the closing of his beloved Merlot (on William St.) or frustrated that most bars don't keep grapefruit juice in stock. Mr. Martini is unavailable as he is presently teaching a class on usual gathering night (that guy's priorities are seriously fucked up!) However, two new recruits have entered the fray...Mr. Brew-haha and Mr. Whiskey.

This expanded group made it's first stop No Problemo, at the corner of William and Purchase Streets in downtown New Bedford. No Probelmo has been a fixture on that corner for a number of years serving some damn good burritos, enchiladas and other Mexican foods. Recently, the small establishment doubled it's size, got a liquor license, and put in a pretty good bar. And that bar is an very good addition to the downtown drinkin' scene.

The bar itself is a classy brushed copper. The walls are painted in an earthy shade, something Sherwin-Williams probably calls "terra cotta" and those walls are decorated with an array of kitschy, fun and stereotypically south-of-the border icons:the ceramic head of a Mexican wrestler, a black velvet matador painting, an O'Keefian cattle skull, and the inevitable saints.

The bartender. a young and capable server, was knowledgeable about the beers and made suggestions. He served a young and hip crowd (except for the Barflies- most who aren't "young"---there are actually a couple of Barflies who are also members of another hallowed institution---AARP, and as to "hip"...remember the old, classic Tower of Power funk hit What Is Hip?...well, some Barflies remember it...and, just asking, what's a "Coldplay?" But, I digress...

Mr.Draft was disappointed that there were no drafts available, but there was an extensive bottled beer list- 41-count 'em- 41 beers were available, including the common macro brewery offerings , as well as Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada, Smuttynose, Lienehfiugel's, Modelo Negro and a host of others. Mr. Mix, as could be expected, indulged in a bit of fruity pink liquid, that looked like a Shirley Temple, but was, in actuality, a Watermelon Sangria, and enjoyed it like any good girl-drink drinker would. Despite calling himself Mr. Whiskey, Mr. Whiskey drank bottled beer, but he has admitted to a love of Jack Daniels, so it is expected that he will earn that moniker in the upcoming weeks. Mr. Merlot enjoyed the red he was served, happy that it wasn't a tiny bottle of Sutter Home. Of course, No Probelmo serves some great bar food, and the 'Flies shared some guacomole and chips...special guest and Honorary Barfly, Mr. Lupulin (Hop Oil) - now in London- had what is likely to be the best meal of Mexican food he will have until he returns from across the Atlantic.

The younger Barflies didn't seem to be bothered by it, but there was a happily loud and steady din of conversation and subdued music, that made it difficult for the curmudgeonly, old bastard contingent of the Barflies to carry on a conversation of their own.

No Problemo is a vibrant and welcome addition to the downtown NB bar scene and it rates an 8.
Roll call: Mr. Draft, Mr. Mix, Mr, Merlot, Mr, 3BOES, Mr. Elixer , Mr. Sazurac, Mr. Brew-haha, Mr. Whiskey and Honorary Barfly Mr. Hop Oil.

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Michelle said...

This review I can agree with completely. Since No Problemo expanded its space and put in a nice little bar, it's become a favorite spot when downtown.
The food has always been great, and it has a neighborhood feel to it, without being too "clicky".

It's a good place to have a snack or a drink, before AHA! nights start up. Or any other time for that matter.
One of the brighter spots in downtown New Bedford.