South Side Annie's

More or less verbatim dialogue:

Mr. Draft: "Give me a Stella Artois."

Hilda the barmaid: "How about ' are you?...May I have a Stella Artois, please?' "

And so, Mr. Draft received a quick lesson in conversational barroom etiquette at South Side Annie's and the Barflies were off to a good night. In reality, the Barflies approached Annie's with a bit of trepidation, as it is one of those bars that is often buzzed by, in a rather rough south end neighborhood. But as is often the case, our apprehensions were unfounded. Up until about eight years ago, a place called the Owl's Nest existed in that space, and that place had a reputation deserving of trepidation...and caution. But now, the roughest element seems to be Hilda's lesson in manners. South Side Annie's is actually a very warm, inviting dark wood saloon, which has a large television screen positioned above the bar, and an adjoining game room with pool table, video games and Foosball. The bar is festooned with an admirable collection of license plates from many states, and a digital reader board, which emits messages concerning specials and a quote-of-the-day. Mr. Draft enjoyed his bottle of Stella Artois, not overly disappointed that the draft selection was limited to Sam, Bud, Bud Lite, and Coors, as an adequate selection of bottle beers was available. Mr. Whiskey embraced his moniker and ordered a Jack-and-Coke. South Side Annies also gets a nod of approval for the traditional bar room offering of pickled hard boiled eggs, as well as stuffed peppers, as low-cost snacks. On the night of Mr. Draft's schoolin' by the cute and sassy Hilda, pitchers of Sam Adams were available for $5.00. Pleasantly surprised by all that awaited within South Side Annie's, the Barflies give it an 8. Roll Call: Mr. Draft, Mr. Merlot, Mr. Mix, Mr. 3BOES, Mr. Whiskey, Mr. Brew-haha


Mr Brewha-ha said...

Had a blast closing out the night @ S.S.A.
Hilda is an excellent bartender and a hot shit to boot.
Cheers to Jay and Macy Gray!
Thanks for the "Jager-bombs"

Michelle said...

I'm a resident of New Bedford who's also been into several of the South-End bars, and I have to say your reviews leave me puzzled.

You rate S.S.Annie's as a respectable "8" - which I don't understand. "Cute and sassy Hilda" might be functional as a barmaid, but she's been wicked rude and surly to several of us before - a couple of the other girls working there have been both classier and better servers.
-But you can't judge a place just by the barmaid alone.

The bar is decent with the flatpanel tvs, I'll give it that. They run sports and even movie-days on them, the mixed drinks are not bad.
But some not-so-nice qualities about the bar we've noticed:
No Kitchen, so if you have the hungrys, you better like the stale chex-mix in the little bowls, or have something delivered to you.
Live entertainment & music is out, replaced by a loud juke box that can get annoying quickly if you don't like Rap/Thug/ Music 24-7.
The Drug-Trade business still being run out of the bathrooms is a carry-over from the old Owls Nest-Days.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't a BAD place - but at night in particular my girlfriends and myself choose another bar. Tired of the hoods and biker boys trying to pick up anything that walks in.

I'd rate the place a 4. Maybe a 5 for afternoon drinks on a good day.
But an 8? I don't think so.