Much to my disappointment, 1846 doesn't refer to some significant historical event, but, alas, to the address: 1846 Purchase Street. Number 2 on our list, the 1846 was a pleasant surprise. Set in the heart of a neighborhood best known for drug-dealing, prostitution, and other questionable activities, the Barflies entered with some trepidation and ended up thoroughly enjoying it. The bar was a long, seamless counter of stainless steel and had comfortable, matching high-backed stools that matched. The barmaid was very friendly and informative as were other staffers. A Red Sox game played on the television, and predominantly Spanish music played. Mr. Draft's only disappointment was the draft selection...in fact, "selection" is too generous a term...there was only was weak draft choice,,,an Icehouse, or a Miller Lite, or something equally forgettable. Mr. Draft instead ordered a CC-and-ginger and felt like his dad, swilling one down at the long gone Imperial. The 1846, despite its' non- selection of draft, is a gem of bar. It had an excellent staff that made newcomers feel welcome, and an atmosphere that was warm and homey...the perfect neighborhood bar. Mr Draft gives it a strong 7-and-a-half.

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Sunday said...

I've been wondering the same thing about the name!

Also, do you plan on visiting the National? I've only heard frightening things (and therefore think you should go).