One of New Bedford's nicest bars, the Barflies descended upon it with joy. Cork is upscale, with great tapas and fine selection of potables, but certainly not overly-pricey. The bartender, an affable young man, (too affable for some of Mr. Draft's colleagues) was able to explain to Mr. Draft was grappa is, and gave his hearty opinion on some of the nearby competition. (Hey, Mr. Draft likes a strong opinion now and then...) The bartender provided some (free0 munchies that were potato chip-like but shaped like wood shavings....hell, i I don't care if they were real wood shavings, they tasted great. Mr. Draft opted for a Belgian bottled beer, a Hoegardden which was nicely hoppy and satisfying, Cork has a pleasant, upscale feel to it without feeling "too-much"... it could easily compete with any of the nicest bars on Newport's Thames Street. Beyond the bartender, Mr. Draft and his colleagues took note of a beautiful blond hostess and equally beautiful brunette waitress....pushing our ranking on PAS (physical attractiveness of staff) beyond the highest ranking of 10 to 11, (Insert This Is Spinal Tap! joke here) All in all, Mr. Draft rates this really sweet bar an 8.

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