Not sure why FINS is all capitalized....perhaps it is an acronym for
something? Favorite Imbibing Night Spot? Fine Intoxication, Nice
In any case, the Barflies entered the establishment on lower Union
Street, and on an early Wednesday evening, it was empty save for a
young, gregarious, and beautiful blonde barmaid named Amy. The bar
itself is pleasing enough in matters of decor, rusted metal cut-out of
various marine life hanging on the walls. Mr. Merlot, somewhat of a
connoisseur of public restroom design and architecture, noted with
pleasure the full length old-school ceramic urinal in the men's room.
The draft selection was adequate, but nothing special stood out. Mr.
Draft opted for an old standby, a Guinness Stout. Mr. Mix peeled out
from his pocket a small, dogeared notebook in which he had written
down drink names, suggestions from others, and reputations, and got to
business asking Amy if she knew how to make a half-dozen eclectic
drinks with silly names. Although Mr. Mix is the Barflies' resident
"mixed drink" drinker, he tends to avoid the mixed drinks of legend-
no martini, no Manhattan, no gin-and-tonic, no rum-and-coke, no
daiquiri. Instead, Mr. Mix usually seems to favor drinks that taste
like desserts or sweets (the Oreo Cookie, the Oatmeal Cookie, the
Carrot Cake) or are dripping with sexual innuendo (the Dirty Girl
Scout, the Slippery Nipple, Sex on the Beach.) Mr. Mix asked Amy for
an Orgasm. Mr. Draft did not note the ingredients but can assure all,
that it was adequately creamy. Amy gave Mr. Mix a couple of drink
suggestions, including one which she refused to verbalize, but wrote
down the name and recipe into Mr. Mix's notebook. (It was called the
Pink Pussy, which compared to asking for an Orgasm, seems rather
quaint.) On another note, free chicken wings were available as
munchies, which the Barflies quite enjoyed. Even a Fresh Nap Moist
Towelette was provided to wipe away the sticky fingers mess. FINS is
a good bar, well deserving a second visit, preferably on a Friday or
Saturday night when things get a bit busier. It rates an
8-and-a-half. Now can someone tell me if FINS is an acronym?

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