The Sixth Bristol Social Club

None of the Barflies had previously been to the Sixth Bristol, a
venerable, old Ashley Boulevard pub, with some reputation as a
political hang-out, so Mr. Draft and his colleagues looked forward to
it, noting with enthusiasm that Wednesday was karaoke night. Mr.
Merlot regaled us with tales of drunkenly singing karaoke Beatles
tunes, with an equally drunk friend, to a large gathering of (also
drunk) folk in mainland China, who cheered loudly, no doubt thinking
they were seeing Lennon and McCartney. Despite the urgings of Mr.
Draft, Mr. Cork and Mr. Mix, Mr. Merlot refused to reenact his
Beatlemania moment at the Sixth Bristol. Which may have been for the
best, as the Barflies instead enjoyed the performances of
shall I say this politely?....some Rubenesque young women. Very,
very, very Rubenesque.
The Sixth Bristol was dark but homey, and the barmaid was attractive
and pleasant. The draft selection was predictably macro-brew in
nature, and Mr. Draft opted for a CC-and -ginger. Mr. Mix noted a
sign advertising "chicken wings and a pickle" for $2., and soon, two
paper plates of the snacks were before us. It should be noted that
the cook was "off-duty", but sitting at the bar, and he immediately
went back to the kitchen to prepare the wings, when he heard someone
wanted them. The barmaid, perhaps aware of Mr. Merlot's karaoke
adventure in China (it may be on YouTube), encouraged the Barflies to
get up and sing. God knows we have the vocal talent, but we resisted
the temptation as we had not worked out any flashy dance moves.
The Sixth Bristol rates a solid 7.

1 comment:

Mr. Newport said...

Chickens! To think you could have had a jam session with the Rubenesqueses! And who knows what else?

I meant drinks, Mr. Draft.