The Brown Jug

Yet another old venerable North End tavern, the Brown Jug, located on Ashley Boulevard, near the corner of Shaw Street, was a pleasant surprise. Mr. Draft had visited the Jug- without his Barfly companions several months ago- and left disappointed. It was dark, and near empty, save for a few old men and a fishing widow, and Mr. Draft dismissed it as "an old man's bar." This visit was different: it was packed and throbbing with activity. The old men were there, but there were also old women, young women, young men, and every age-specific in between. There was heavy play at the pool table, with a crowd watching the action. Mr. Draft doesn't remember if music was playing, as the place hummed with conversation and laughter. The barmaid- Brenda- was affable and chatty as were most of the other patrons. The draft selection was marginal, offering only Bud and its' sissy brother (Bud Light), so Mr. Draft opted for a bottle of Heineken. The Jug, a perennial New Bedford favorite, is steeped in history, with old photos and advertising memorabilia on the wall, and the original hand-painted exterior sign, now mounted to the interior wall. Good bar, only slightly dinged by the minimalist draft selection. It rates a healthy 7.5. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft, Mr. Mix, Mr. Merlot)

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