Me & Ed's

Located on the end of Brock Avenue, near Fort Taber, Me & Ed's is the southernmost point in the city where one can sit down and and have a drink. While not a bar proper, a lounge is located in the comfortable cellar of this longtime Italian eatery. Mr. Draft remembers visiting Me & Ed's when he was a boy, with his parents, kid brother and sister, and his godmother and godfather (after who he was named: Uncle Mr. Draft.) Then, as now, it was family friendly and inexpensive and a great place to grab a thin crust pizza, a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, an antipasto or a bowl of spumoni which, back in the day, seemed positively exotic. On the night of the Barflies' visit, (with new recruit Mr. Sazurac,) Mr. Draft and Mr. Cork drank a selection from the Buzzards Bay Brewery. Mr. Mix, prodded out of his comfort zone of sweet and creamy girly-drinks by Mr. Draft, had a Manhattan, as did Mr. Sazurac. As Mr. Sazurac drank his, Mr. Mix whined. The barmaid, Sue, wearing a name tag made of Scrabble tiles, was efficient and cold. (Coldly efficient? Efficiently cold?) During the Barflies' visit, most of the other patrons appeared to be of the Greatest Generation, to utilize Tom Brokaw's term. (In other words, they were geezers). Me & Ed's is not a bad place to grab some Italian grub, but it is sedate, low-key and so unhip it needs a walker. It's stuck right in the middle- it gets a 5. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft. Mr. Mix, Mr. Cork, Mr. Sazurac)


Sonya said...

The unhipped often need walkers, as do the unkneed.


bobby said...

sorry you didnt get your fix of open cleavage or young girls walking around, i'm an elderly customer and that last sentence was rude