The Foxy Lady

This establishment has two unique distinctions. Located on Popes Island, on Route 6, just shy of the Fairhaven town line, it the easternmost bar within the New Bedford city limits. And it's the only strip joint. As Mr. Cork expressed some social uneasiness about the visit, and Mr. Martini was running late, and Mr. Mix claimed to be suffering some gastrointestinal disturbance, and Mr. Merlot was eating antibiotics in order to fend off Lyme disease, and Mr. 3BOES was MIA, only the most intrepid of the Barflies- Mr. Draft and Mr. Sazurac- forked over a $7. cover to venture forth into the "gentlemen's club." Let's face an establishment of this nature, the draft selection is not really that important...which is just as there was no draft selection. Bud and Bud Lite were available in bottles. Ensconced at the bar (as opposed to the chairs at the edge of the stage, where many of the other predominately male patrons seemed to prefer to be), Mr. Draft and Mr. Sazurac sipped gin-and-tonics and enjoyed the view. Having once visited a dingy joint in New Milford, Connecticut with work mates, and going to a sleazy stripper bar in Queens, New York, and seeing the Bada Bing on The Sopranos. Mr. Draft is hardly a connoisseur of adult entertainment venues. The skeleton crew of Barflies was pleasantly surprised to see that both the place and the ...umm...ladies...were attractive and well-maintained. The atmosphere of the Foxy Lady is inviting in a low-key disco mode, with subdued lighting in the right places. The dancers are either naked, or on their way to that state. The barmaid and waitresses wear something that is black, low-cut, high-rising and provocative, almost dominatrix-like. It worked. As is to be expected, security is of concern at the Foxy Lady. A deadly shooting and a stand-off with the police, involving a jealous ex-boyfriend of an employee, occurred there some time ago and now one goes through a metal-detecting scan before one can enter. Affiliated with a Providence club of the same name, the Foxy Lady is entertaining in its' own way, clean, safe, and inexpensive...unless you choose to stick dollar bills under garters. The Foxy Lady advertises on its' marquee such thing as upcoming "special guests," as well as prime rib Wednesdays, couples' nights, male stripper events, and trivia nights. Mr. Draft is almost tempted to return to see how they pull off doing trivia in a strip joint! The Foxy Lady is very good at doing what it does and it rates a 8 for that. (roll Call: Mr. Draft, Mr. Sazurac)

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