Mr. Draft has been familiar with the catchphrase for this place for some time, without having been there, as it it plays heavily into their newspaper ads: "Where Everybody Knows One." Kinda funny, a little parody of the famous line from the Cheers theme song : "Where Everyone Knows Your Name." But "One" what? On the Wednesday evening that the Barflies visited Knuckleheads, they found out.
Four Barflies entered Knuckleheads, and the only other customers were a couple sitting together, and four other men seated across the bar. Mr. Sazurac joked to them as we entered..."Oh, just what you wanted to see come in...four more guys." They laughed about it, as the male-to-female ratio in the bar was nine to two, and the two were the female half of the couple, and the very young looking and perky barmaid, Vanessa. Mr. Sazurac, Mr. Cork, Mr. Martini, and Mr. Draft settled in and ordered a round. Knucklehead's is situated on MacArthur Drive, in an odd industrial area between the waterfront and Route 18, across from a Fastenal hardware distributor. The bar itself is nothing special, but to be fair, a visit on another night may have yielded a larger and more gender-diverse crowd. As Mr. Draft sipped a somewhat tasteless pineapple-infused vodka, several more men entered the bar. And then a few more. And a couple more. By the time the Barflies were about to leave, the male-to-female ratio in the place was twenty-one-to-two, as the lady with the guy and Vanessa were the only of the fairer sex there. Mr. Draft assumes that the One that every knows is the barmaid, the only woman in the place without a guy at her side. Knucklehead's rates a Five. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft, Mr. Cork, Mr. Martini, Mr. Sazurac)

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Michelle said...

I decided to flip through a few more of these reviews, see if my numbers were anywhere close to yours. Nope. Do you review every bar as if it were a pickup joint/how successful mackin' with the ladies turned out?

Sounds like you hit the place on a dead night - as you posted: "The bar itself is nothing special, but to be fair, a visit on another night may have yielded a larger and more gender-diverse crowd".

Likely so. The place is usually filled to the brim on Fridays and Saturdays, with live bands. Sometimes TOO much - but you'll see a lot of singles & couples there.
I was disappointed too, in that you didn't even mention the food there - because It's really good. In several of the other places reviewed by you, food and the availability/selection of it seems to improve the rating. The portions are not quite up to "Antonio's" standards, but you get a lot for a decent price, trust me.
For a sports bar, Knuckleheads has enough TVs in the place for three or four different games on at once.
The drinks we've had there are decent - and they serve everything from martinis to Jager-Bombs, wine and micro brews. The bartenders are courteous and playful with the customers, and it's a place I wouldn't mind bringing my kids or parents to for lunch or a dinner meal, or to hang with friends during a weekend night.

I think you should consider a re-visit on a different night - or stop in for a dinner sometime. You might be pleasantly surprised.

I'd give the place an 8.5 out of 10- for New Bedford fare, it's friendly, clean and offers both a meal or live bands to go with your beverages.
Just my 2 cents.

Michelle C