Le Place

Mr. Draft will be the first to admit that he can trip over the obvious...as in the case of this bar, where he failed to make the mental connection between the pseudo-French sounding name and the possibility that it might be a lesbian bar. Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Sorry...that line never gets old.) As Mr. Draft and his Barfly colleagues approached, note was taken of the rather large outside deck and the rather unappealing view of the great grey concrete wall supporting Interstate 195, directly across the street. However, once inside, the bar opened up to an expansive dance floor and a somewhat glittery decor, reminiscent of a late 70's disco. Mr. Draft, Mr. Mix and Mr. 3BOES were, with one exception, the only "misters" in the place, as the customers were predominately female. And, despite a riveting broadcast of Jeopardy! on the television over the bar, they were primarily preoccupied with each other. Although, Mr. Draft was curious about a specialty drink called a "Suck & Blow," evidentially available in seven or eight fruit flavors, and described by the bar tending woman as "a jello shot in a tube," he settled in with a vodka martini. The Barflies not-fellow patrons were sociable and greeted us upon our arrival, and, one gets the sense, would've engaged us in further conversation had we stayed much beyond our one drink. Le Place is certainly the place to go to in New Bedford if one's gender and sexual preference are of a given nature, but, that said, it seems open and friendly to all-comers (no pun intended). The dance floor itself seems to be one of the better in the city and everyone knows how much Mr. Draft likes to shake his hips. Maybe he'll haffta bring Mrs. Draft some night...or maybe not. Le Place gets a bold 7.5. (Roll Call: Mr, Draft, Mr. Mix, Mr. 3BOES)

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Bar Flies,
Your comments regarding Le Place were well written. But the lesbian listing/category is wrong.
Le Place services the alternative lifestyle and favors no particular sex. FYI Thank you.