Fernando's Sports Pub

Right next door to Tony's on County Street is Fernando's Sports Pub. Inhabited by a jovial crowd, this place was much more inviting. Although the draft selection was predictably weak, and not a drop of grapefruit juice was to be had for Mr. Greyhound, the bartender was friendly and competent. The owners of Fernando's have seemingly tried to decorate the establishment in the style of tavern in the Azores, with stucco and faux brickwork, as well as a very large mural. The mural itself can best be politely described "naive realism." Forgive Mr. Draft a small lapse into art criticism as he explains some of the unique features of this stunning wall painting. Depicting an Azorean village and harbor, the sun projects rays downward in a cohesive shaft of light, much like the mothership in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In the peaceful azure water, triangle wedge sailboats float, oblivious to the pterodactyl-sized seagulls flying ominously above. Mr. Draft suspects that after a few more cocktails, the mural might become more convincing. All in all, Fernando's- although in a somewhat blighted neighborhood- is warm and the regulars seem, well, regular. Not a bad place to grab a drink...if you ain't an art critic. It gets a 5. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft. Mr. Sazurac, Mr. Greyhound, Mr. Mix, Mr. Elixir, special guest Madame Mai-Tai)

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