Libad's Bar and Grill

If Mr. Draft's memory has not been diminished by over-consumption, Libad's, located about midway on Brock Avenue in the south end, was, in an earlier incarnation, the Beaumont Social Club. As a north end boy and a downtown college lad, Mr. Draft has only limited knowledge of the drinking establishments of the city's south end, primarily the missed and long-gone Smuggler's Den and Billy Wood's Wharf. And no knowledge of the Beaumont at all. But Libad's turned out to be a pleasant surprise. As the Barflies gathered outside, parking on a side street, note was taken of a large faux lighthouse attached to the backside of the building (and probably housing some esoteric piece of equipment), that was topped with razor wire. But it wasn't so ominous inside. The crowd was a good mix, with diversity in respect to ethnicity, race and gender. A few patrons played pool, some sat at tables, and a few were comfortably ensconced around the u-shaped bar. Large paintings of Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix (or Bob Marley?) hung on one wall, and the draft selection was more than adequate. But Mr. Draft opted for a cocktail, and ordered an Absolut martini, as did Mr. Sazurac. However, the young barmaid, Kristin, admitted that she had never made a traditional martini (as opposed to the many fruity and flavored martinis now common just about everywhere). She didn't even know where the vermouth was located, and the manager had to find it for her. As could be expected from a first-time martini-maker, it was less than an optimal drink. The vermouth floated on the vodka like oil on vinegar and it was a bit hard to drink...but Mr. Draft was a good sport and drank it anyway, hoping that her skills in this area improve. The Barflies felt quite comfortable in Libad's and Mr. Mix seemed particularly enchanted by the place, mentioning he'd like to come back on a Friday night, when the mechanical bull was available. Libad's actually offered a list of activities for every weekday night: Monday is free jukebox night, Tuesday offers tequila specials, Wednesday is the night for free pool, one dollar drafts are available on Thursdays, and of course, the aforementioned toro is the Friday highlight. Libad's also offered a hefty menu of pub food, including quahogs, onion rings, buffalo wings, pizza, and assorted burgers, sandwiches and salads. The mechanical bull balances out Kristin's heavy-handedness with the Martini & Rossi Extra-Dry, and Libad's gets a 7.5. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft, Mr. Sazurac, Mr. Mix, Mr. Merlot, Mr. Elixir, special guest Madame Mai-Tai)

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