Tony's Cafe & Bar

Shocked, I tell you...shocked! While Mr. Draft and Mr. Sazurac stood in a steady cold drizzle and amidst a wailing car alarm, waiting for other Barflies to arrive, a young man proffered marijuana! Did he think that Mr. Draft and Mr. Sazurac looked like the kind of individuals who would partake in illegal drug activity? Well, the street pharmacist may have had a point...but, nonetheless, the Barflies politely declined. Within moments, a new Barfly recruit, Mr. Greyhound arrived. (The greyhound refers not to a racetrack dog or a national bus line, but to the drink: vodka and grapefruit, garnished with a lime wedge.) Tony's is at the southern end of County Street in what many would consider a tough neighborhood. The barmaid spoke barely a word of English, and a Portuguese-speaking gentleman seated at the bar kindly translated our beverage requests. But no amount of cross-cultural verbal wordplay was going to find any grapefruit juice for Mr. Greyhound's drink of choice. He had to settle for a weak Cape Codder. Two more Barflies- Mr. Mix and Mr. Elixir- and Mr. Elixir's lovely companion, Madame Mai-Tai, arrived and this seemed a source of delight for a drunken old coot at the bar. Tony's is dark and a bit dank, and a poster of a big-breasted blonde pressing 'em against a motorcycle was the highlight of the decor. Tony's seems to function well as a neighborhood joint (weed available just outside the door!) but it offers little to attract anyone from outside the immediate vicinity. Tony's rates a 3. (Roll Call: Mr. Draft. Mr. Mix, Mr. Sazurac, Mr. Greyhound, Mr. Elixer, special guest Madame Mai-Tai)

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