Hungry Whale

At the corner of Elm Street and Pleasant Street, directly across from the New Bedford bus station, is the Hungry Whale, a bar so nondescript as to lack a sign indicating its' name. The Hungry Whale, had been, in a previous life, a bar called the Blue Moon Cafe, and it went by another name (or two) prior to that. It has a dank and seedy look to it from the outside, and passing through the door does not allay that sense. It looks- and feels- like the kind of place that a brawl could easily break out in, and that may have something to do with its' proximity to the bus station and the transient nature of the clientele. However, there did seem to be some old men, sipping their Buds and watching the Red Sox, and a couple of younger guys playing pool, who were probably "regulars". The Barflies, if nothing else, can be described, collectively as "irregulars."

The barkeep, a jovial young guy named Rick, with the mullet from hell, noted that it was karaoke night but the Barflies didn't stay long enough to partake and/or enjoy. No drafts were available, and the bottled beer selection was merely adequate. The saving grace was some bottled Guinness Stout, which Rick apologized for--- because they weren't cold. However, Mr. Draft, Mr. Cork and Mr. Sazurac prefer Guinness at room temp, and the rest of the 'Flies drank Coors, Corona and the like at an appropriately cold degree. Except for Mr. Mix, who drank an exotic cocktail known as a"jack-and-coke."

The Hungry Whale is unremarkable in decor...bland sheetrock, macrobrew neon, a pool table, and a lottery ticket vending machine. The service is okay, the selection minimal, and the female customers non-existent (on the night of the visit, in any case.)

It rates a just ain't trying. But maybe, it doesn't want to...

Roll Call: Mr. Draft. Mr. Mix, Mr. Merlot, Mr. Cork, Mr. Elixir, Mr. 3BOES, Mr. Sazurac, Mr. Brew-haha, Mr. Whiskey, Mr. Lupulin.

addendum from Mr. Mix
The captain's chairs that were thoroughly broken in at one end of the bar were extraordinarily comfortable. Also they are raised up so when you sit it is perfectly level for the bar. A small touch that shows what the bar was many many years ago.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you went into this place and got out alive! God love ya for it.

BTW this blog is epic

Unknown said...

Before it was the Blue Moon, I went there w/a friend.
It was seedy to the max and a recent men's room stabbing was a topic of conversation. I gave a ride home to a friend of my freind. He pissed in the back seat of my car. Ah, memories...

Rick Kavanaugh said...

Cowards that talk shit and hide behind false names!! Bet you never say shit to any ones face! Lear what the difference between a fucking mullet and a pony tail are before you talk shit!! Bet you're a bunch of fat ignorant pieces of shit scared of your own shadows!! Get a fucking life